Something New for Me

Today’s post is a plug for my favorite duo, Straight BS (, and for a new writing skill I was able to practice, thanks to them!

West Virginia Eastern Panhandle musicians Bruce (B) Reich and Steve (S) Van Order blend vocals with mandolin and mandola, melodica, fiddle, dobro, guitar, cello and electric and piccolo basses to deliver a uniquely creative and energetic performance. They feature Bruce’s melodic originals as well as creative arrangements of fiddle music, American standards, bluegrass, country, and rock tunes.

Bruce recently asked me to write lyrics for what was then one of his unnamed compositions. Though I’ve written my own songs before, it was challenging to find the words that not only fit the melody but matched its mood. Here’s a video of “Somehow,” the end result:

It was really a fun experience collaborating with the two of them to come up with the finished product!

For more videos of their different take on some old favorites as well as some of their originals, check out:

Straight BS will be performing at the Berkeley Springs Brewing Company from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 26. 


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