Scientific Research Shows the Power of Writing!

In the January 19 edition of her Well blog in the New York Times, Tara Parker-Pope describes some of the research that shows the benefits of writing about ourselves.

In particular, she mentions studies about writing and then re-writing what is called our “personal narrative.”  How others perceive us — or, how we think others perceive us — can strongly influence how we perceive ourselves.  Writing those perceptions down and then editing them can help us alter our behaviors.

Were you the one in the family who “always had a bad temper?”  Did co-workers at a job label you someone with a thin skin?  Are you known among your friends as a whiner?  How have these perceptions held you back?  How have you used them as excuses?  And what would happen if you no longer claimed them?

Many of the exercises I teach in my Journal to the Self workshop can help you identify the false perceptions you have allowed to become ingrained in your personal narrative, and how to eliminate them.  See to register for the next session!


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