Poetry and Journaling

Discover your own message through poetry and journaling workshops.

Journaling:  I started using my journal primarily as an outlet for emotions and the place where I wrote the rough drafts of my poems. It wasn’t until I discovered Journal to the Self by Kathleen Adams, M.A. that I realized there were actual exercises for journaling that expanded how I used the journaling process. The exercises forced me to think about things that I hadn’t considered or in ways that I hadn’t considered in the past.

I am a Certified Instructor in the Journal to the Self curriculum, taught through the Center for Journal Therapy (http://www.journaltherapy.com/) in Denver, Colorado. I will be teaching the curriculum at the Rehoboth Art League in Rehoboth Beach, DE in Janaury 2018.

For more information about the Journal to the Self curriculum and all it provides, click here.

Poetry: I’m the author of three chapbooks of poetry from Pudding House Publications:  After the Barn Door Opened (2007), Nosegay (2002) and Pinned to the Corkboard (2000), as well as Stolen Joy:  Healing After Infertility and Infant Loss from Icarus Books (1993).

If you would like my workshop schedule, please fill out the contact form below. I will be in touch!



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