One of the fun aspects of my job is that I get to learn something new with every client – and often on a very tight timeframe! When new customers call, I immediately have to become acquainted with their organizations’ programs and services, as well as recent trends for their industries. And frequently, my current clients call with brand new programs they need supported, so, once again, I have to be a quick study. For instance, in one morning I wrote a grant proposal that had to be submitted by 5:00 that afternoon, and I edited a 10,000-word document down to the required 3,000 in the space of a day.

As a result, I’m never bored!

Some projects I’ve worked on include:

Grant proposals, solicitation letters and brochures for nonprofit organizations involved with after-school programs, bereavement, charitable giving, children with disabilities, community development, cultural arts, domestic violence, education, the environment, “green” construction, healthcare, high school drop-outs, housing, literacy, military family support, sports and recreation, and youth development.

Case statements included in fund raising materials for a graduate-level educational institution and an organization dedicated to preservation of mountain environments around the world.

Newsletters about community foundation activity, computer software applications, fixed income products, an infertility support network, and U.S. fiscal policy.




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